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Liver Tonic

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Organic Dandelion root, Burdock root, Yellow Dock root and Milk thistle, wild-harvested Red Clover and Nettles, organic Cascara Sagrada. Grain Spirits 40%

Supports a healthy liver and is an excellent blood purifier and detox formula.

Our liver has many important functions, one being our body's main detoxifier. This formula builds and cleanses the blood (high in iron) as it nourishes and protects the liver. This herbal combination supports health by assisting the liver in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol. It also supports the gall bladder. Liver Tonic also helps correct imbalances which manifest as moles, "liver spots," baldness, and supports healthy skin and hair. People experiencing cancer and choosing treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation are greatly supported by this remedy. Liver Tonic supports the process of a detoxification regime and although cleansing is good anytime, often people choose to cleanse in the spring.
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