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Respiratory EZ

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Serving Size: 1 capsule
Ingredients per serving:
Hyssop leaf 325 mg
Lobelia flower, stem, leaf 250 mg
Ginger root 100 mg

Suggested Use:
1 capsule twice daily. Do not exceed two capsules per dose.

Should only be taken under the care of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Powerful herbal formula for the respiratory system, coughs, phlegm, allergies, difficulty breathing, sinus conditions. May help lung function.

Another WTSmed professional supplement.

In Depth:
From the WTSmed website:
Promotes Healthy Respiratory Function*

Respiratory EZ contains fast-acting herbs that support respiratory relief for difficult breathing associated with reactions to airborne allergens, acute and chronic bronchial constriction, and inflammation of bronchial tubes.*

Health concerns relevant to this product*
Asthma attack
Stopping Smoking

General Indications
Respiratory EZ is a fast acting product. Therefore it can be beneficial for people having acute respiratory attacks due to airborne irritants or allergens. Patients will usually notice something within 15 minutes of taking it. Nevertheless, Respiratory EZ is aimed at improving the underlying respiratory function, not just the immediate complaints. Therefore, we recommend that Respiratory EZ be taken daily for a period of time whether there are active respiratory complaints present or not. We suggest that people who want to try it should make the commitment to try it daily for a month or two, not a day or two.*
With Respiratory EZ many people will be able to reduce or no longer need other forms of respiratory complaint management. The general rule is that once people start feeling better on Respiratory EZ, they often start trying to wean off puffers and other forms of therapy they are taking. People often try weaning off their puffers and other therapies at the rate of about 25% of their daily dose every 2 days, or so. However, we recommend that patients wean only under the supervision of their physicians. Respiratory issues are a potentially serious condition and severe complications can occur.*

In addition, some people (but not all) will be able to wean off the Respiratory EZ as well A lot of people should be able to wean off in about six months, but that depends on a number of factors. If they've had respiratory problems for a long period of time (say 10-15 years) it can take longer. People who have weaned off Respiratory EZ after six months of use might just need to keep it on hand at their house and use it periodically as needed. For example, they can use it when they go to visit someone that has a lot of dogs. Or, if they have acute respiratory attacks just one season a year, like spring, they can take a maintenance dose during that time of year.*

Respiratory EZ combines herbs commonly used in the western world for supporting healthy respiration with Ginger which is prized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its versatility and enhancement of other herbs. Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) is one of the first herbs to consider in respiratory problems due to its antispasmodic, expectorant and respiratory stimulant properties and long history of safe and successful use (Chevallier). It is well complemented by the smooth muscle relaxant Grindelia (Grindelia robusta). Grindelia is useful in problems with constriction of the bronchial tree, especially when nervous irritation is involved, and it boosts the expectorant powers of the combination (Hoffman). Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is included in recognition of the role digestion and food allergies often play in the etiology of respiratory issues. It is used frequently in Ayurvedic medicine, both as a digestive stimulant and detoxifying agent, and throughout the orient for its warming and soothing qualities. This combination can be of help in lessening the duration, frequency and intensity of acute respiratory attacks, and is an invaluable part of any comprehensive plan to bring about optimal respiratory health.*

The herbs in Respiratory EZ are actually good for people to take even if they don't have acute respiratory issues. It may improve the lung capacity, for example, in people with long term problems. Some doctors used to give injections of high doses of one of the herbs in Respiratory EZ for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.*

Respiratory EZ is made strong intentionally so that people can take fewer capsules per day. The typical dose is one capsule two to three times a day.

Respiratory EZ is made for adults (18 years or older) and is too strong for children.

Side Effects and Management
High doses of Respiratory EZ can make people nauseous. In fact, historically people have used some of the herbs in Respiratory EZ to help people vomit after eating something poisonous.

One capsule three times a day will usually not cause nausea in a typical adult. About 10% of adults taking that dose on an empty stomach will get queazy from it. Almost always that queaziness will go away if they take the Respiratory EZ with food. Therefore we recommend that Respiratory EZ always be taken with food and under the guidance of a physician. If patients still have some queaziness even taking it with food, then they can reduce the dose to one capsule two times a day with food (which is often enough for some patients to be able to no longer need other forms of therapy).*

On the other hand, if people take four capsules per day it's quite likely that they'll feel nauseous and may vomit. Therefore, we do not recommend that people take more than 3 - 4 capsules of Respiratory EZ per day except under the supervision of their physicians.

How To Use Respiratory EZ And What To Expect From It Depends On The Problem And Its Severity
The following links will take you to flowcharts that will help you see how different problems of different severity are usually managed.

Severe Respiratory Complaints - for example, need an inhaler once a day, chronic attacks of wheezing for five years or more, and breathing is a constant problem.
Moderate Respiratory Complaints - for example, complaints occur two to six days per week and wheezing for less than five years
Mild Respiratory Complaints - for example, complaints occur only once a week, once a month, or only during exercise.
Acute Respiratory Attack - Only to be treated with the cooperation and supervision of a clinical medical professional.
Bronchial Inflammation or Stopping Smoking - Upper respiratory congestion. Phlegm deep in throat.


Healthy Foundation
It appears that trouble with the digestive tract can contribute to chronic respiratory issure, hives, and allergic reactions in general. When people have severe breathing attacks and allergies in general, they can often get to the point of not needing any therapies at all if they can get to the root cause.*

A large amount of the body's lymphoid (infection fighting) tissue is in the digestive tract. This tissue is known as Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT). Since the digestive tract takes in substances from the outside world, it is important for the body to have a strong defensive presence there. We believe that people with malfunctioning digestive tracts can develop a lot of allergies, and hypersensitivities. That's because people often don't need allergy shots after taking herbs for their digestive tracts.*

Since poor respiratory function and bronchial inflammation can be of an allergic nature, we like to think of Respiratory EZ as the primary tool and Healthy Foundation as the secondary tool. Healthy Foundation is geared toward the digestive tract and also has a lot of compounds called bioflavanoids which are important for allergies and hives. Healthy Foundation is also aimed at the liver, which is important because the liver actually breaks down a lot antigen complexes.*

Healthy Foundation can be thought of as a general tune up for the body. We believe a lot of people who take Healthy Foundation and Respiratory EZ together for a few months would have a good chance of being able to breath better without further therapy. Not everybody, but a lot of people. Another thing that a person can take as another supportive measure would be CellNutrition Px drink. The Quercitin in the drink reduces the mast cells (histamine releasing cells) release of histamine. It also has some vitamin C and bioflavonoids which also work with helping allergies and respiratory problems.*

Complete Program with Healthy Foundation and Cell Nutrition Px
For people that really want to try to overcome their tendency to attacks of difficult breathing, and want to do everything they can, we would recommend

* Respiratory EZ - two to three times a day
* Healthy Foundation - half a teaspoon two times a day
* Cell Nutrition Px - one teaspoon to one tablespoon/ glass once or twice a day

We'd be surprised if after three or four months of this protocol people still had very significant complaints.*

Supporting Research


Lobelia contains lobeline, which acts as a potent bronchial dilator. Recent research has shown that lobeline is also anxiolytic. Clinical trials suggest lobeline may improve lung function, perhaps by its ability to reduce bronchial constriction and to thin mucus. Hyssop and ginger also support healthy respiration.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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