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Super high-quality thermometer that holds the reading until you next use it. No batteries, accurate, safe and easy to use.

From the WTSmed website:

We're really happy to have these thermometers available.

It's becoming practically impossible to find glass thermometers anymore. Glass thermometers containing mercury are being phased out because of environmental concerns.

But these thermometers are the best glass thermometers we've ever seen, even better than mercury thermometers used to be. They're actually made in a small european village.

They are very cleverly designed with an inner and outer barrel of glass. The inner barrel is very thin and contains liquid metal (not mercury).

The thin inner barrel makes it possible for very accurate temperature readings within 3 minutes ! (not as much glass to warm up). That's almost as fast as a digital thermometer but is unquestionably accurate.
The outer barrel provides strength and has a much greater diameter than old-fashioned glass thermometers which makes it much easier to handle. It's also very easy to shake down.
The outer barrel is flattened to prevent it from rolling off a counter.

Once manufactured, each thermometer is placed in a water bath with a clinical laboratory grade thermometer to certify it's accuracy.

This liquid metal thermometer (as opposed to a red alcohol one) will hold its reading until shaken down. People can take their temperature and lay the thermometer down to do something else, and come back and read the thermometer at a time that's convenient for them.

It has large, easy to read numbers, and doesn't require "rolling" to see the temperature reading.

It has a dual scale which makes it easy to read the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (great for our international friends).

The thermometer is safe. Since it contains no mercury, even if it breaks there is no need for concern about toxicity. The liquid metal inside is nontoxic. It's not harmful to you, or the environment.
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